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    Funny story!

    I can't vouch for the veracity of this story, but it sounds too funny not to be real;

    "I was at a high end audio store the other day, the kind where the sky's the limit means a few hundered thousand on speakers, nevermind video equipment. While there a rather interesting man came in screaming about "damaged goods", warning the customers to "never buy anything here", and generally being really obnoxious.

    I decided to listen in to the conversation between the manager and the jackass... henceforth M=Manager, J=jackass.

    M: Sir, please calm down and let me know how I can help you, if there is anything I can do I will, but you have got to calm down first.

    J: I have been wronged, these easy to install in wall speakers, that you sold me for 1400 dollars per piece, broke. I have photos and everything to prove what you sold me.

    M: Well, I'm sure we can make it up to you, just show me what is wrong.

    J: You see, crap design, I can't believe I bought this stuff from you. You screwed me out of my hard earned money. They worked great until the first time it rained, they are such low quality that the pressure makes them pop.

    M: The pressure?

    J: You know, barometric you idiot, and every time it rains it gets worse. I think it's affecting the **insert 10 minutes of important sounding techno babble here** in the speakers.

    M: Actually, now that I've had a chance to look at the photos I think it's your install. You need to go talk to a lawyer, or a contractor, or someone whose opinion you trust and has a degree or license for what they do. After you talk to them you can come back to me if you still have a problem. However, whatever you do, do not continue to use your equipment until you are satisfied.

    J: I will, and we'll see how this goes!
    To Explain:
    The photos showed an RV (you know, one of those 40 foot land yacht things people like to pretend they are camping in) with several holes cut in both sides of the body. Not just in, but right through. The man had cut out holes to fit 3 inch deep speakers in a wall that was only about 2" thick, holes that are effectively new 8" by 24" windows, sans glass. They are supposed to be completely concealed within a standard HOUSE wall, not just hanging out into the weather.

    I'm amazed he didn't get stopped or something, he had exposed wiring while driving down the road. I know it's low voltage, but it still looks like a high tech bit hanging out the side of a ragged hole driving down the damn road with loose wires all over the place.

    Ok that's enough, I need to go weep. Not only has he shown yet again that most rich people are idiots, but has completely ruined a very nice set of speakers."
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    Bwahhahahaha. Sorry but I have to laugh. These fifth wheels and motorhomes I have heard numerous stories to make you chckle from the folks who had a pretty nice one (which still means they're build quality is atrocious) who heard some interesting things. The folks had a nice fifth wheel until you closer inspect how it was put together - remind me to wait until Honda and Toyota make them until then if only the AMericans are building count me out.

    Even when you cut into them you're first worry will be leakage but you may be pleased to discover that adding weight may actually make the walls fall down. They did not use long enuogh two by fours in the piller walls(ie; they didn't connect because they were a bit too short, the pumbing in the bathroom was held together with duct tape(and this is out of the factory The slide out slid out once, when it came back in it broke - they use the wrong sized fuse becuase the fuse they designed it for no longer exists - thus this problem cannot be fixed ever. Warranty? hahaha they ignore you. and the fine print watch the fine print.

    And ours was one of the better ones not in price but in supposed build. Drilling holes or putting a pictures - Never do that let alone putting in speakers - and don't think you;'re safer with the $350,000US jobbies either - one couple had one of these and they use stone on the wall - yes it was immaculate in creation - too bad the weight of the wall tipped having the entire thing fall in on itself - luckily they were not inside at the time. You're probably best off with those Stream Air models(The long metal cylinder looking ones) Supposedly the never leak and have few problems.

    Sorry off topic but this guy could have just bought a Tivoli radio(or soem other grossly overpriced radio)

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    Red face Thar she blows...

    We calls em landbarges. On day, when I was working in the Adirondacks, I was in downtown Watertown (this may be an oxymoron). My friend and I sat on the corner eating lunch just counting and watching the landbarges head up to the Adks. My god what a procession. How you can call it camping when you're hauling around something bigger than a studio apartment is beyond me. And now they usually hauling an SUV in tow behind it!!!!


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    That's as good as what I observed what I call "the Utah air conditioner." I was driving in SE Utah and was passed by a guy in an old rust bucket going about 90. He had duct taped a piece of 4" (I think) PVC with a plastic scoop to blow air to his face. How would you like a rock coming through that thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jrflanne
    He had duct taped a piece of 4" (I think) PVC with a plastic scoop to blow air to his face. How would you like a rock coming through that thing.
    Or how about a small bird or a hornet?

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