• 09-14-2004, 06:22 AM
    Bill K Davis
    Fried speakers cutting out
    I just got some used Fried A-2 speakers,and they take turns cutting out ,as if one needed to be dominant. There is full volume in one ,and very weak volume in the other. The reset button brings the weak speaker on for about 5 seconds. Some times they play at the same time(90% of the time). I am using a Jolida amp which works fine. A cure?
  • 09-14-2004, 11:21 AM
    Aside from the crossover and the protection switch, are there any other devices in the signal path (like level adjustments for the individual drivers)? If your speakers are cutting out, then you have a short occurring somewhere along that path. Loose solder in the crossover, gunk accumulating around the protection circuit, loose connection between the binding post and the crossover, short on the amp, etc. Any one of those could explain it. You'll need to first swap out the speakers and make sure that the problem is not the amp, and if it's not the amp, then you'll need to bring the speakers in and get them checked out for loose connections.