fluance, streem speakers

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  • 12-23-2004, 01:40 PM
    fluance, streem speakers
    I've been looking at speakers for a starter low-budget home theater/some music system. This speakers I've found online and in Canada (saving s&h). Anyone have any experience with either? From what I've been able to research, there are some good thoughts (and "expert" reviews) on fluance, but just post-board reviews of Streem. Any experience or thoughts on these or another brand of less expensive starter speakers for a Canadian on a budget?

  • 12-23-2004, 07:49 PM
    I'm gonna take a shot at this... You'll probably NOT like what you're gonna hear but avoid Fluance and Streem and Theatre Research an the rest of those ebay specials. They're cheap because they're junk. If you want a good budget speaker buy some used Polk, Klipsch, AR, B&W etc.. off of ebay or in the local penny saver. You're not doing yourself any good with the junk you've mentioned, just throwing away your hard earned Loons...

    Da Worfster

    You'd be better off buying the axioms you see to the right hand side of this post.