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    Fisher STV 9780 3-way 12"woofers??

    Hi all,first post here.Just wondering if anyone has ever heard of these?I have searched
    extensively and have not been able to any info on these.Even though they are the black
    veneer popular from the 80's they are a very clean looking speaker.Also,they are an 8
    sided speaker.Not octogon shaped but edged to fit into a corner.I must say i was very
    surprised by the sound from them,considering they are Fisher from the 80's.They are 30" tall, 12"woofer,5"mids,3"tweeters,8 ohm,and rated 150 watts.I like the look of them much
    more than the ones i always see on ebay.Maybe i'll post a pic if anyone may want to see em.But any info would be appreciated.Thanks

    CaptiveWorks CW600P FTA satelite receiver
    Harman Kardon AVR135
    Panasonic DVD/CD F87
    2 DYI 12" 3-way Cerwin Vega(fronts)
    2 12" 3-way Fisher STV 9780(surrounds)
    Pioneer center channel
    1 Cerwin Vega LW12 12" powered sub
    1 Klipsch Synergy 12" powered sub
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