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    Ever heard of Precision Acoustic subwoofers?

    Has anyone ever heard of or tried Precision Acoustic Subwoofers? I have seen two versions deeply on sale, one an 80 watt-8 inch (ported), and the other a 100 watt- 10 inch (ported), the latter with adjustable cross-over. These are carried by a distributor in Canada whose site says: "Canadian distributors for Harman / Kardon, JBL and Infinity" Note no mention of Precision Acoustics. On the back of the subwoofer is a small insignia that says "cRU us", with the R backwards & blended with the left upright stroke of the U.

    I am on a limited budget (see previous thread "Alternative subwoofer & no more hum problem"), so the prices are great, but what is the quality like? Sounded reasonable in a noisy store.


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    Google search turns up nothing...I think I'd probably avoid that one. It souds like a White Van or 'computer show' special.

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    Nope. PA doesn't fall into either category

    Quote Originally Posted by N. Abstentia
    Google search turns up nothing...I think I'd probably avoid that one. It souds like a White Van or 'computer show' special.

    Its a brand that is carried by Best Buy up here in Canada. But thats all I know. Don't know whoi makes them. I haven't bothered to audition them because they are so low priced that I assumed that they were crap. Maybe I'm wrong. would'nt be the 1st time.

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    More info

    Coincidentally, I have now heard the 80 Watt, 8 inch version of these in someone's home, and it actually did not sound bad - at least at low to medium volume.

    The distributor in Canada (in Quebec) has a site at . But as I mentioned, no mention of Precision Acoustics. Sent them an email over a week ago about them, and no response to date.

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