• 04-08-2009, 03:31 PM
    Event 20/20 - Bypass the amplifier?
    Hi, new here and looking for some advice/info. Seems like a lot of knowledge around... I'm looking at some Event 20/20 monitors. They are powered and I am wondering if it is possible to bypass the amplification in them and use my existing amplifier. Presently using Infinity Monitor Jr's. Would like to downsize a little, maybe get some small cabinets up on stands and use a sub. Thanks for any assistance.
  • 04-08-2009, 05:48 PM
    Mr Peabody
    I personally feel it would be a waste to bypass the internal amp of the speakers, even if it was possible and I suspect it's not. If you want passive speakers, just buy passive speakers. If you get powered speakers you could simply run them and the sub off a preamp. You wouldn't need any power amp because all the speakers would have their own built in. If you have a receiver or power amp already just buy some nice bookshelf speakers and mate them to a sub.

    I just wouldn't waste money on something I'm not going to use.