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    When did Martin Login begin selling speakers in Walmart and in online bargain basement outlets? Were they sold? Did I miss something?


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    Whoa in Walmart...never seen that yet! As soon as they started making speakers other than electrostats i knew that company would never be the same. Heck I even thought it was odd they started making subwoofers too. They "were" so heavily engrained in my mind as a panel company that anything else was weird.

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    As long as it does not take away form their Panel line of speakers I am ok with it. A company has a right to survive. I never thought that I would see B&W in Best Buy either.
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    Best Buy is one thing. I think I'd draw the line at Walmart, but if not then at least come up with a different brand name so as not to water down the Martin Logan marque.
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    I understand a company having to pay the bills and sometimes selling to the masses is the only way to get that done but when you start cheapening your name to that degree then you are taking a chance of never getting taken seriously in the high end crowd again. I do understand that their panel speakers have not cheapened out do to this but if they are willing to sell products in Walmart I believe it will only be a matter of time before the company sees the money they can make with cheaply made products selling them to the masses and go that route and forget the high end thing all together, it would not be the first time it has happened.

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