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    Energy Veritas vs. Energy RC-50

    Hello all, finally found the ONLY Energy dealer in Chicago area, a small, somewhat obscure local appliance store. Was disappointed because they don't even stock the Veritas floorstanders, only the bookshelves which sounded great by the way. They only special order the floorstanders so I can not audition them. I would have to order them blindly and then return them if I did not like them. I did, though, get to hear the Energy RC-50 floorstanders and liked them very much. Very comparable to others in the price range or even a little more.

    Question is: Does anyone have listening experience with these two speakers?
    At almost twice the price are the 2.3i so much better than the RC-50?
    Are the RC-50 indicative of the Energy 'sound' in general?


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    The Veritas are a world-class reference-quality speaker. Properly powered, they're stunning. I love the RC series, but the RC's are no Veritas. Both are Energy speakers, so I'm not sure how to answer the question about the "Energy sound." They're both the Energy sound... but the sounds are different levels of quality. Keep in mind also that the Veritas are intended for 2-channel music listening with a high-current amp. The Veritas centre-channel is not highly regarded and if you're after home theatre connected to a receiver, then the RC's are a much better choice for you.

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