• 05-14-2008, 06:42 AM
    Energy RC-10 or Polk RTIA3?

    I own an old Pro Logic HTIB 5 speakers system. The system sounds great for music but not so much for movies and games. I want to upgrade it for a 5.1 home theater system with better surround and center speakers. I decided to build my own system but i would need some help.

    My room is fairly small and i am not really looking at something that will break the windows and move the walls. But at the same time i want something that wont fell like comming out of a garbage can.

    - My budget is around 1200-1400$ CAD for the 5 speakers and likely the sub too.
    - The front speakers need to be bookshelf.
    - I am a Canadian so I can buy Polk, Energy, Paradigm, Mordaunt Short, Klipsch, Momentum, Infinity, JBL, Canton and that's about it.
    - I just bought the receiver which is an Onkyo TX-SR605.
    - Needs to sound good for rock music.
    - Sub needs to be seamless.

    Right now i am looking at :

    - Energy RC-10 as front with RC-Mini as surround and center.
    - Polk RTIa3 as front with CSia4 as center and FXIa4 as surround.
    - For the sub i am looking at energy 8.3 or 10.3.

    The polk speakers are about 30-40% cheaper. But i'm a little affraid with the RTIa sound quality. Most reviews i've reade about them say the RTIa speakers are harsh. The reviews about the Energy RC-10 are much much more positive.

    The problem is the store selling the speakers is big so i can't really try them.

    So i would need some help to choose between Energy and Polk. I don't want to spend over 1000$ and have something that is good for pop corn movies only. Do the Energy worth the price difference like the reviews say ?

    Also any suggestion and recommendation other than Energy and Polk is really welcome (keep in mind i'm Canadian).
  • 05-14-2008, 11:22 PM
    I previously owned an Energy system which was excellent.

    I currently own a system from Axiom Audio, a Canadian direct to consumer company. Their products are highly rated and a great value. I have 3ea of the M2 bookshelf speakers as left, right amd center and 2ea of the QS-4's as surrounds. My sub is from another company (Outlaw Audio). My condo living/dining/kitchen is not that large. I am extremely pleased with these speakers. The QS-4 is simply amazing for a surround speaker. The M2's are very neutral and accurate sounding with excellent dispersion and imaging.

    Here is a link to several systems in your price range. Check out the reviews. When you call Axiom you really talk to experts who all have many years experience in audio and HT.

    Your sub will be seamless if you set it up properly with the correct room placement and crossover setting. This is extremely important. Do a lot of online searching and reading. Axiom is a good source, they have some fine articles at their website.



    PS: I don't think the RC-Mini is a good match as a center channel for the RC-10. The RC-LCR would be much better or even a third RC-10 vertically.
  • 05-17-2008, 03:21 PM
    Energy - no question. Of course, no question to me might be very different for you, but since you're polling...!

    I'd recommend going the RC-10 and RC-LCR route. Don't buy the surrounds yet if money is the issue. The LCR is an outstanding speaker and much better to build a system with. Use your current surround speakers until you can add in a couple of RC-Mini's later.