• 01-30-2004, 03:46 PM
    Energy C-3 + s8 subwoofer or cbm-170?
    I have Ascend CBM-170s (paid $328) and Energy C-3s (paid $499) + an Energy s8 subwoofer ($399 retail, but thrown in free with the C-3 purchase). I have to return one or the other. I love the Ascends, but my wife thinks they are too harsh. I admit on some recordings, like old analog recordings, particularly jazz and beatles for instance, they are bright and the C-3's laid back sound beats the ascends. But on other recordings (Dire Straits 1st record) the Ascends are just exciting/exhilerating, while the C-3 are just very solid - though boxy sounding when next to the ascends. If I don't get the sub with the C-3s, I would eventually get a sub, but down the line. Bottomline, is the c-3 for $500 plus the subwoofer for free too good to pass up, politics with my wife aside? The sub is not very powerful, but I do want to build a hometheater system in the future. Also, the C-3s come with a 5 year warranty. I bought the extended 5 year warranty for $75 - good decision? Thanks! Jim
  • 01-31-2004, 02:16 AM
    Try to play around with speaker placement, toe in and some room accoustic approach to remedy harsh speaker. Tone control may also help. Somebody even suggested to place a tissue paper in front of tweeter, it may work... As for Energy set you got, imo the S8 sub is very weak that eventually you want a better sub. So decision purely depends on the front speaker sound quality the way you like.