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    Emotiva 5.0 System, Great Deal!

    You might know that I am a big bang for the buck audio-nut (that sounds much better to me than audiophile). I just got done placing an order with Emotiva for their XPA-5 amplifier at a great holiday special price with free shipping ($699 ... their LPA-7 is on special also at $599). While I was there I noticed a special on their speaker packages. You might also know that I am a big fan of bookshelf-monitor/sub systems for maximum price/performance

    They have their 5.0 system (the 7.0 and individual speakers are also on special) on a special that I could not believe. $846 for 5 speakers (3 LCR monitors and 2 surrounds) at about 1/3 off their regular low price. They are coming out with two new impressive looking subs soon.

    These are extremely well built and designed systems that are at amazing prices. Audioholics had high praises in their review by Tom Andry linked below:

    ".....This is one of the most well executed loudspeaker system designs of come across in years regardless of their asking price. It is an obvious asset that Emotiva has chosen to employ one of the great loudspeaker engineers in the industry (Vance Dickason) to engineer this system...If performance is what you are after, the Emotivas have it in spades. I for one never would have expected an amp and processor company to come out with such a great performing speaker. I'm happy to say that I was proven wrong......" (scroll down here for info on new!)

    I have spent many hours checking out this company and their products before ordering the amp. I'm a big fan of direct to buyer companies. I am going to seriously consider their soon to be out pre/pro's UMC-1 and XMC-1 instead of the Onkyo/Integra models I was zeroing in on.

    I think this Emotiva speaker system is at the top of the list for 5.0 systems anywhere under $1500-$2000. I love to pass on info about great performance bargains


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    This 5 speaker package is down to $799 for Friday only. WOW!

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    I've never heard these speakers, but Vance Dickason is a diety in the DIY speaker building world, well respected by all speaker manufacturers and probably the world's most sought speaker consultant. Some very huge, very high-end companies have used him to help design some mega-bucks speakers. He knows his stuff.

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