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Thread: Elac FS 68.2

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    Elac FS 68.2

    I just upgraded to the new version of Elac FS 68.2

    They are a nice improvement to the original 68s...better mid-range drivers and refined tweeter. Bass is excellent. here is a youtube video I made of them

    Elac FS 68.2 version 2 - YouTube

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    27 a lot Elac speakers. I've read a lot of positive reviews about different modeles...( but they are quite expensive)
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    Nice. I had to look up your model and the tweeter immediately got my attention. I don't think I've seen any recent Elacs that didn't have a ribbon tweeter or those ufo-looking pi (sp?) tweeters? Once i was on their website i saw they had soft domes which i like.

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