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    Down to 3 choices. Polk LSi15 vs. Energy RC70 vs. Axiom m80

    I need some good speakers for HT and some music. I was able to audition the Energy and really liked the sound. It had a great smooth and powerful sound that was very detailed. My friend can get me the Energy for 50% off and he can also get me the LSi15 for 50% off. Basically I can get any three of these speakers for about 1200.00 a pair. I've been researching Axiom M80 and reading lots of rave reviews and they seem to be one of the best speakers in the 1200.00 range. Many people compare the Axiom to the Paradigm studio 60 which costs alot more.

    I can't listen to the Polk LSi15 or the Axiom m80. Should I go with the Energy or should I go with the LSi15 or M80. The main use for these will be HT.

    Is there anything else I should consider in the 1200.00 price range that might trump all three of these? thanks.

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    Wow. The Axioms are NOTHING like the Paradigm Studio's...which outclass all the other speakers in your list. I'd go with the Paradigms for least give them a good audition.

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    I've learned my lesson to NEVER purchase speakers unheard.

    I've heard Energy speakers and they are fantastic! Not saying the other's aren't, but you have heard them yourself and like them too. Plus you're getting a great price!

    What do you do if you puchase one fo the other ones and don't like the sound? At best it'll be a hassle to return them and you'll loose the cost on shipping...

    Now, not having heard the other 2 speakers, this does not conclude anything but...Axiom's are inernet only right? So it seems the "internet" would have lots of rave reviews because that's the only place they can be bought...Polks have become a mass market brand and when that happens quality can sometimes suffer. But since I haven't heard them in over 15 years, and I've never listened to the Axioms I can't really compare them to the Energy.

    BUT, since you're getting 1/2 off AND most importantly you HAVE listened to the Energy and LIKED them (like I have) - GO for the Energy!

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