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    Denon AVR 786, Klipsch F3 Bi-Amp?

    i'm about to get this denon unit avr 786...which supposedly has bi-amp capabilities. and i was wondering will it really make an audible difference? or should i just hook it up normally. i also have 2 klipsch F1 as my surround and i need a good center any ideas on that? i've read that i should get the matching klipsch center but i've heard some bad things about it.

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    I'll answer your questions in a list.
    -The Denon is a good unit.
    -Bi-Amping won't really make any audible difference to you. Try it if you like and see how it goes.
    -And yes, you'll want to get the matching Klipsch centre channel because of the matching acoustic properties. You'll find it will mesh better with the rest of your system.
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