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    Definitive Technology SP-15 sub

    I see very little info here (or elsewhere) on the Definitive Technology subwoofers, so I thought I'd spark things up a bit. I purchased one about 4 years ago (with a retail price of $1,000) and have been very satisfied with it ever since.

    It replaced a ruined Dahlquist DQ-1W, which I'd been using with the Dahlquist electronic crossover (don't remember the model designation) and a bridged Rotel power amp (one highly rated in Stereophile). I found the difference between the two all but astonishing: the SP-15 was cleaner, much, much more detailed, and went to considerably lower depths the DQ-1W ever seemed capable of.

    That which truly convinced me was listening to either of two Telarc recordings of the Saint Saens "Organ" Symphony: on the DQ-1W, it was the whallop of the bass drums that were most pronounced, and the deepest organ pedal notes just plain weren't there. On the SP-15, the opposite takes place. Though the drum whacks are still powerful, the room-shaking, thundering bass notes of the massive pipe organ in this piece truly shine.

    I'm certain there are plenty of other good, and better, subs out there, but probably not for this price (the salesman discounted it to just over $650 for me).

    Anyone else got one?

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    I have the Def. Tech. PF1500TL 15" sub. Normally $900 paid $750. I am very happy with it and will say it is extremely good for home theater. It has more than enough power to shake any room with little effort. It is a perfect sub for HT hits low 16Hz, lots of power, and lets you feel the movie. Build quality is good having owned it since 1999 it still works as good as new.

    The only problems I find is that it is a bit slow for music and just the physical size of it. Now that I am out of college a coffee table sized sub just does not fit in. I will probably sell it for a good 8" or 10".

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    I have 2 Def Tech PS100s (I also have a PS80 laying around). I chose Def Tech because that's what my local dealer carries and thought I'd give them a shot. I'm very pleased with them. I hear the Supercube versions are amazing- so much power in a tiny enclosure.

    I agree, I'm sure there are better subs out there; however, they serve me quite well!

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    Wanna sell?

    Any one want to sell their Definitive Tech SP-15?

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