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    Dayton 12" sub for small space?

    Are there any disadvantages to playing a 12" Dayton finished sub in a small (11 x17) listening area? I've read the forums here about the Dayton 10" finished sub and it seems to get kudos for performance/price, and that 10" subs tend to be recommended for small spaces. Since I know so little about subs, any feedback would be helpful. My main concern is that I need a more "musical" sub, since I don't tend to listen to loud music. The only reason I'm considering the 12" is that I have an opportunity to pick it up on the cheap.

    The sub would either be paired with a pair of Wharfedale Sapphire SP-83's or Paradigm Mini Monitors, and powered either by a NAD 7240 receiver or a Marantz 4230 Quad.

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    I have 2 Dayton 12in subs in my system and my listening room is smaller than yours I do not play music at loud volume my subs are driven by a onkyo m501 300 watt amp even at a lower volume you can hear lots of bass not overpowering but you know it is there all the music i have is classical i do not listen to rock when my dvd movie are playing I up the volume and then i can shake the house

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    The only drawback to the 12 is the price. You can always turn it down if it's overpowering the room.
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