• 02-12-2004, 08:52 AM
    Copland CSA 28 powering Harbeth HL Compact 7 speakers
    Would appreciate if you ppl could give me an opinion on the above match, or the Copland amp coupled to a pair of Spendor 3, or couples to a pair of Dynaudio Reference 42?

    Grateful if those who have these set ups to give a review as detailed as possible. This is my first amp and I am trying to get a pair of speakers to match.

    A little more details on what I have right now.

    Source: TEAC PD-480 CD Player
    Int. Amp: Copland CSA 28 - 2 X 60watts
    Interconnects: CARFAS Crosslink.

    Room Size: 9ft(3m) X 12ft(4m) with a sloping ceiling, 10ft at the lowest point and about 15ft at the highest.

    Please suggest me speakers and speaker cables that in your opinion will make up a good match. Thanks.