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    computer speakers

    Good day! Where would I find info on how to hook up regular speakers to my computer, or can that be done? Obviously I haven't heard all the computer speakers, but the ones I have are weak. I have at least 2 pairs of old speakers I could hook up. I was thinking about my Minimus 7(?)'s. Appreciate your help.

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    It's not too difficult, but you will need some type of receiver or amplifier. Purchase an adapter cable from Radio Shack or other electronics parts store which will connect between the 1/8" stereo headphone jack on your sound card to RCA plugs for the amp/receiver. I currently have my computer setup this way. I use the adapter cable between my sound card and receiver's tape input. I have a pair of Blue Room Minipods connected to my receiver and placed next to my monitor. Much better sound than with multimedia speakers. I get a lot of compliments as well.

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    Smile You'll need a couple of things...

    You'll need either a sound card with audio outs (Creative Sound Blaster or Turtle Beach) or a motherboard with onboard sound and out puts. You'll need to run a signal from either of these sources to an amplifier or reciever (either 2 channel or AV) and hook your speakers up to there. Most sound cards have diagnostics so you can tweak and tune your system from there.

    Hope this helps...

    Da Worfster

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    I have my system hooked to my comp to so I can hear my games and music through my JBL speakers. I got this cord the first starts out as a normal headphone looking plug then at the end of the wire it makes it to a normal red and black cords that are used to hook up receivers and hooking other things like tv's and stuff. I think they are called the a/v cords. But I do recommend you use a receiver like I do so you would have enough power to play sounds off your comp since if you dont use it you wont have enough volume. I have done these things before since I was in 6th grade so I know how to hook receivers to comps. I am 19 now though so it was a while back.

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