Does the JBL Studio Series S26 sound like the Tannoy Reveal 6 Passive Studio Reference Monitors? Since I noticed the specs are really almost about the same only big difference is that the Reveal 6 goes upto 50kHz and the S26 goes upto 20kHz Plus the S26 goes low as 48hz instead of 63hz and the S26 goes 150 watts music power.When I look at the specs on the Reveal 6 I notced there are same things that are said on the S26 like example.

Both have 25mm (1”) titanium dome, neodymium magnet system.
But what's even better on the S26 is that it has EOS waveguide that was taken from the LSR series.

40mm MDF sculpted baffle – stiff, heavy and rigid and minimises diffraction.

From the side:

18mm MDF cabinet construction provides stiffness and minimises colouration.

Simple foolproof gold plated terminal panel. No degradation due to bi-wire links in the HF signal path.