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    Cliffhanger Bulldogs vs. Apogee Centaur Majors: Which is worth more?

    A while ago, I bought and repaired a set of Cliffhanger Bulldogs, some rather good - if obscure - small 3-ways. They're great speakers, but I like my DIY efforts even better and would like to sell them. They're functionally perfect, though there are two small scratches on one side from shipping and some damage to the veneer on the bottom. They originally sold for around $3700; I was hoping to get less than a third that.

    There's a fellow locally with a pair of Apogee Centaur Majors he'd like to trade for these. While these speakers retailed for the same price back in 1993, they're in immaculate condition and are of a far more recognizable brand. Considering that I'm selling one or the other pair in any case, should I trade for the Centaurs or not?

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    The Major was the largest non-fullrange bass ribbon hybrid made by Apogee. The speaker demands a large room and top notch amplification. Recommendations are KR Audio Kronzillas, Vacuumstate DP's, Monarchy Audio SE250 or if you like solid state a small Krell KSA250 (old with red led) Its a fantastic speaker for little money but needs very good electronics because of its high resolution capabilities. If cost is no object, which i know its not, then look for Krell KRS, KAS or Grypon Antelion Signature if your into the whole transistor thing :-)

    Apogee Centaur Major review from Stereophile.

    And from HIFI-NEWS

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