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    Cerwin Vega VS-100 speakers

    I have owned these speakers for about 20 years as part of my garage stereo. I used to power them with an equally old Pioneer 70wpc stereo receiver. The receiver is failing so I ordered a Yamaha R-S202 100wpc receiver to replace. But now I found out that the speakers are 6 ohm, not 8 as I thought.
    Will the Yamaha R-S202 be ok to drive the VS-100s?

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    Yes, it should have no problem. I'm currently using a Yamaha receiver to drive 6 Ohm front speakers as part of my bedroom 5.1 system.
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    Agreed I don't know the specs on those particular speakers but Cerwin Vegas in general are usually pretty efficient speakers so I think youll be able to get some high SPL's without damaging that Yamaha.

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    Cerwin Vega

    I have CLS-215S for couple months and i have to say that the bass is seriously deep and it did not boom. I have much experience with their products and always love the performance. Not sure, but maybe some of these would be perfectly to your needs.
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