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    Center speaker for Bose 701's

    I was wondering if anyone had a suggestion for a center speaker to MATCH my Bose 701's. I heard that the Bose center is not that good. I am looking to spend only a couple hundred bucks.

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    Go see if bose will sell you 3 more 701's
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    Try the BOSE

    My system: 701 series I(front), VCS-10(center), 501 series V(surround), Freestyle(surround back). No other speaker, other than BOSE, will sound like BOSE. Try the VCS-10. If you're not happy with it, return it.

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    Do you think the Bose center works good with the 701;s?

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    well most people here would say Bose speakers wouldnt work good with anything. But seriously, Bose's center wouldn't work very good with anything besides their jewel cubes, it sports two (or is it 4?) 2" drivers. They aren't the same drivers used with the 701's, I can almost gaurantee it won't go low enough to reach your subwoofers crossover point, and it certainly won't go high enough because it has no tweeter. You'd be better off without any center than with the Bose (IMO).

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