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    Celestion SL6si owner.......newbe

    Hi Everyone,
    First time to thread here and just want to indroduce my self.
    So Hello. Please read and enjoy my profile to see the simple yet beautiful stereo gear I own. Yes, I am a new found British audio buff fo sorts. I am very impressed with the quality of my listening experience so far.
    Keep in touch and let me know if you own any Celestion speaker, mine are quite something indeed.
    Later Dudes

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    Well superdougiefreshness, first of all congrats on having the longest handle on the forum, and secondly its great ot have you aboard, and hopefully there are some Celestion speaker owners on this forum for ya... myself, I am a B&W guy so im of no use... look at me rambling on again.....
    that makes as much sense as a drunken mongoose playing the piano

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    Welcome to the Forum superdougiefreshness. One of the fist speakers I ever owned were the Celestion Ditton 15's way back in the early 70's. Great speaker. We used the Celestion HF1300 in the DM2A at B&W, and it was a standard by which other tweeters were judged by.

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