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    Re: Old School Nuance Speakers
    I would like to comment on "old school" Nuance speakers. I have owned a pair since new (Model 440). I also had the Model 50 monitors which are the babies of the 440 (same midwoofer). I purchased these speakers in 1990. I had the pleasure of meeting one of the designers of this first generation line, Winslow Burhoe around the same time. Little did I know or appreciate who he was at the time. Any competent search engine user will find out that this man had a hand in some of the finest speakers ever made. Some were even used as reference speakers in Canada by CBC and even the excellent UHF magazine team had a pair as reference for a time (The Energy 22). This man knows how to design a great speaker. I now own Von Schweikert VR1's (from another great speaker designer) but I will not sell my 440's. In fact I am looking for a set of 50's (good luck-people don't want to sell them!!) I remember the 110 and 220's at the same time as well. They had a family sound but I felt the 50 and 440 had a slightly better midrange with the smaller 5.25" drivers. These speakers will not handle gobs of power but they do have a smooth refined sound with excellent bandwith performance using few drivers. This is an important trait that many speakers get wrong (coloured sound with peaky responses, too many drivers that cannnot work together as one voice). I do agree that Nuance speakers changed after this line and I was not drawn to them in the same way, although the 330 was a pretty nice speaker for slightly less money than the 440. It was at this time that the waveguides around the tweeters were used. This produced a very spacious sound that many people like. In some ways its a shame that the sales strategies were the only thing people could talk about for some time. But hey, people should just use common sense. If you think a pair of speakers are worth 2,3, or 4 thousand dollars, that's your choice. The original Nuance line sold for between $700 and $1500.00 CDN. It wasn't any exceptional materials or drivers you were buying at this price. They were solidly built products but had the touch of Winslow Burhoe's experience with their crossovers. In the end that is what separates just merely good speakers from special ones. Anyone can buy some fancy high end drivers etc and throw them into a cabinet with a simple crossover and get sound out of them. The best designers know how to take good parts to produce a speaker that makes more than just sound but music.
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    welcome to AR man, but please, don't start off your first few posts by digging up old threads... (although, i'm kinda glad you did, i like this thread...)

    oh well, nice post there!
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    One other strike against Nuance is their pathetic site. Maybe their sales are so bad that they can't afford a digital camera?
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    hmmm, well this is my first post and 'm glad this old thread did get revived. If you are interested in a truly high grade Canadian product have a look at Tetraspeakers

    I have sat in the designers basement for listening sessions, literally 12 hours straight, on a couple of occasions some years back and this is a company that is driven by nothing but pure passion for audio perfection. Adrian has a phenomenal set of ears and Wayne is a master craftsman and together they produce astounding speakers.

    I listened mostly to the diminutive little floor mounted pyramids, the least impressive visually in their line up, and they are the best speaker I have ever heard at up to 5 times their price. It is really hard to wrap your mind around the fact that such a small package produces such a huge, and precisely focused soundstage. There is a reason that people like Herbie Hancock recommends them as his speaker of choice.

    Everyone has there own preference in sound but if you are in the market you really should make an effort to audition a pair of Tetras. Hit their website and read the reviews and referrals or google them for reviews and you will have no choice except to be very curious about this great company.

    Incidentally, Adrian and his wife barely knew us, and I do mean barely, and yet they opened their house to us and put us up for a weekend. We were there for the Ottawa blues festival and had pre-paid our hotel room. I liked his company and speakers so much that we walked away from the hotel and I missed all of the festival just to spend the time with this amazing man and his passion. I've never seen or talked to him since but the memory has not faded in the slightest over the years.
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