Hi All,

I've just moved country and I am looking to buy a pair of speakers for my system and came across a used pair of B&W - DM 330I and a pair of Mission 770S speakers and I would love to hear your thoughts on them.

Or any advice as to which might be the better buy? I am going to be matching them with a Roksan Kandy amp.

I know music and listening is subjective so as a reference point, I thought I should mention that I used to own a pair of Spendor S6s and then downgraded to Kef iQ7 speakers (which I didn't love as much). I love clarity and precision in speakers and not so much boom boxes.

I listen to pretty much everything, from classical to music with a beat. I regret selling my Spendor speakers. Anyway, both speakers are in different parts of the country I am in (Switzerland) and it's a little hard for me to go check them both out. - So hence the big Q and advice needed.

Can't wait to read your responses!