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    Building a huge subsonic subwoofer

    I've been thinking about this for a while and I have wondered if anybody has thought of this.

    What if you have two subwoofers... The first subwoofer could be a quality subwoofer from a good company that provides accurate and musical sound. The second subwoofer would just be a huge homemade box with large woofers and subsonic tuning.

    Is this a practical way to have accurate sound when needed (from the standard subwoofer) as well as massive extension (from the homemade sub).

    is this hard or expensive to do?

    I'm not really thinking about doing this, but the idea intrigues me

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    Great Idea, but flawed. You don't need two subs. There are monster subs available
    that will do exactly what you want. Check out the SVS PB12-ULTRA/2. This thing
    produces the tight upper bass for music and can litteraly break things on low bass
    in movies.
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    I'm curious to know why you thought to build 2 separate subs instead of one dual-role sub?

    With the amount of space that thing(s) would take up, and the cost, you'd be better off to buy 1 dynamite 15" sub or something with enough power for your needs, with highest sound quality you can afford and go with that. Possibly two 12" subs, but that might end up being a more expensive route that might not do as well.

    I'm experimenting with a dual-chamber reflex design right now for some main-speakers (too chicken to tackle my first transmission line), I'm pretty sure this would work even better in a subwoofer...better bass extension, improved power handling, and a slower roll-off and quicker response. Take the sound quality of a sealed sub with the output and lower response of a ported sub. Talk about getting a whole lot of something for nothing.

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