hello .
I have 3 pairs of older british speakers and can't find out any info on them .
Set one Wharfedal Linton 3's aaaaaaaapx age 1760 way boxes with an 8" bas driver
I wouldn't mind replacing the bas driver for a newer one .
Two is a amp age 1977 Celetstion Ditton 33 3 way boxes with a 10" bas driver teak box as well.
Last Celestion Ditton 33's sereies II 3way box with an 8" driver in them apx 1978-79 .
Itink the ditton sereies I are the bestoutof the bunch .
I'm sing them fo rplay bck monitors on my recordin g sysem have on stand abooube my computer monitors place upside down sothhe tweeteres at ear level .
Any info on anyof these I would like to hear about