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    Boston Acoustics Speaker Set (VR 40)


    I'm relatively young and don't have the money to throw around that some people on this form do. That being said I am looking to get a setup that will allow me to listen to music and movies in reasonably good quality.
    I found Boston Accoustics Lynnfield, VR40s (x2), VR12, VRSPros (x2), CR75s Speakers (x2) from 1998. They are listed for $500, I have done some research but the speakers are old and there's not a ton of information out there. The quality of the speakers seems worth the price but I wanted to get your opinion.


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    I hope you get more than 1 reply for your post querry. I did find a post on here that correlates to part of your question. I have owned some BA's and found them to be quite good. (Shelf speakers). I had them wired into my car for the rear deck. Gee imagine that. Well, that was a long time ago and now have two cars with some good to great sounds. Here is the header for them
    Boston Acoustics VR 40 Floorstanding Speakers

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