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    Bose Technical Info Needed

    I am not at all a fan of Bose speakers, which is the reason why i am writing a College term paper about the speakers for my Quality Measurement course. Since i can't exactly provide personal subjective reasons as proof, nor can i afford to purchase a set and disassemble them solely for the reason of proving a point, i was wondering if anyone could direct me to a third-party website which preforms such tests. I am specifically looking for tech specs including frequency responses, THD specs ect. (you know....the incriminating info not supplied by the Bose website) as well as build quality/materials. Any reliable info source would be greatly appreciated, i have found some info on my own, but i can't cite "bob the audio engineer" or Bose

    Thanks in advance.


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    Try this thread. The Bose saga...why?

    The second link of the second post may be what you are looking for. Fun reading either way.

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