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Thread: Bose 901's

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    Bose 901's

    My folks had 901's when I was a kid at home. Didn't have much of an ear then. I do remember they were LOUD. I can buy a pair of sereis iv with eq in excellent shape for $200. 1. Are they worth the money?
    2. Do they sound decent by todays standards?
    3. Did they ever sound good by any standards?
    Thanks much.

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    Welcome to AudioReview. Please understand that many members do not like Bose. As far as the 901's they have a unique sound that some like. I have heard many pairs of 901's as an audio salesman many years ago and at friends' homes. I like them on certain types of music and recordings. For the price if they are in good shape and the surrounds of the drivers are not rotted I say buy them. The 901's are unique and they are still being produced so I guess they meet today's standards for 901's. I would buy a pair for $200 just to pull them out for certain recordings. I do not think you will regret having them but I do think when you listen to more speakers you might enjoy something else a little more.
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    Thanks for your answer to my Bose 901 question. Got an opinion on my post titled Axiom 60.Thanks

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