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    Bookshelf speaker help

    OK, so I'm looking for some new bookshelf speakers for my system. So far I've listened to Bose's 201s and Cambridge Soundworks m50's. Size is a bit of a limiting factor. What are your thoughts on the Bose? What other speakers should I look at in this price range? Thanks!

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    you said size is an issue? how big can they be? what is your budget? Is this for 2 Channel use or for in a Surround setup?
    whatever your choice is give them a serious listen if possible. Most people will tell you the Bose are overpriced for what you get and i strongly agree with that. I have a small pair of Klipsch Bookshelf speakers in my office and they serve me well. they are a bit pricey too but i got them on Ebay fairly discounted. The model is RB-15 and i paid $170 for the pair.
    good luck to you

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    The Focal JMlab Chorus 706 S sound very good, and imo much better than the Bose 201 or 301... the 706 S with a sub sounds just as good as the 716 S (they have the same midrange driver, and tweeter, the 706 S just does not have the woofer)
    the 706 S's are around $449/pr
    the 705 S's are also very good, but have a smaller midrange driver, they run $349/pr

    I have herd klipsch reference series which are also very good and I believe are about the same price range as the JMlab's

    another couple speakers you may want to check out which I liked (although not as much as the JMlab)
    Phase Technology, Velocity Series -- I liked the V-12, and was told the V-8 has the same tweeter and midrange driver... $450
    Mirage also made some nice sounding floor models, and perhaps their bookshelf's would be worth an audition.

    M&K Sound makes some nice speakers, but they were a little pricy compared to what has already been mentioned (>$1000 for a pair of bookshelf sized speakers)

    I have listened to many other brands, but would not suggest them...
    I hope this helps...

    btw, I recently ordered 4 Chorus 716 S's and 1 Chorus CC 700 S for my new ht setup.

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    Agree about the JM labs Chorus line in general.

    Not sure what your budget is but here are some reasonably good under $600.00 bookshelf speakers to consider - but definitely listen yourself and decide and not reviewers.

    Athena Technologies AS FB2 (6.5)
    Audio Note AX Two (9.5)
    B&W DM 303 (6.5)
    B&W 601S3 (7)
    B&W 602S3 (8)
    Boston Acoustics VRB (7.5)
    Dyanuadio Audience 42 (9)
    Energy C-1 (6)
    Energy C-3 (7)
    Kef Q-1 (6.5)
    Klipsch Reference RB35 (7.5)
    Linn Katan (7.5)
    Paradigm AtomV3 (6)
    Paradigm Monitor 3 (6)
    Totem Mite (6.5)
    Totem Rainmaker (7.5)
    Wharfedale Diamond 8.1 (6)
    Wharfedale Diamond 8.2 (6.5)

    These are some places to start -- there are others of course -- also, I would look at slightly more expensivve speakers and find several you like -- many times a dealer may have some to clear out for the same prices as some of the above --- so you MAY get a better speaker for the same money.

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    I highly recomend the Quad 11L and 12L. After 3 months of auditioning different bookshelfs on my Arcam A65 Plus and and my Arcam CD73, I found the Quad 12L speakers to be the best fit for me.

    I also recomend the following companies for budget bookshelf speakers:
    Monitor Audio

    Epos is a great value and I took a personal liking to them. Also, PSB, Paradigm, and NHT make a few extremly inexpensive bookshelf speakers.


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