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    Bookshelf recommendation for Arcam Solo

    Hi all,

    Looking for bookshelf speaker recommendations for Arcam Solo, with front facing ports (the speakers need to be placed on top of a wooden cabinet—at about ear height, when seated). I listened to the accompanying Alto speakers, which were fine, but would like to know what other monitors would be compatible for comparison. Budget is up to $1000 per pair.

    Thanks much.

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    Dynaudio has always been a good mate with Arcam. I'm not sure if any of the Focus or Audience have front firing ports, Dyn's come with a port plug though. Arcam has always been able to drive the Dyn's but the solo doesn't have a lot of power which may be a draw back if you have a large room. Dyn's aren't very sensitive.

    Again, not sure where the port is, you might also give Paradigm a listen. They are more sensitive which would provide more volume for you. Their smaller booksholf speakers sound good but don't seem to go as low as a Dyn.

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