biwire question.

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  • 12-12-2003, 06:38 AM

    Originally Posted by dvjorge
    Hello everybody,

    I have three sets of biwire speakers at home. Paradigm Studio 100, B&W DM 602 S2, and Monitor Audio Silver 2. I have never biwired any of them. So, I don't know if they improve or not changing them to biwire. I have been researching about different kinds of cables, about biwire modes and I haven't found any clear answer of the real advantage of biwire. Some people say " yes", others say "not". My particular question is Someone has experience biwiring any of the model I own?Did you notice an improve in the quality sound?

    It's a crap shoot, you have about a half-dozen variables you need to account for in trying to determine if it will do anything or not and even then, the change may not be audible.

  • 12-13-2003, 01:31 PM

    Originally Posted by mtrycraft
    Well, no I don't listen to you, no reason for me to. I do read you posts, some of them anyways.

    You didn't give advice?

    I never biwired them until this past weekend after I read a post by BrianUDLaw under a thread by stereobug. Go there and click the web site he gives.Hook your speakers up exactly the way the article explains.As far as how it worked for me,I did notice cleaner, smoother highs as well as a punchier bass.I used basic speaker wire,12 gauge for the lower posts and 14 for the upper.

    What was that?

    C'mon mtrycraft,get off the pot. Pun intended.Go back and READ the posts.I didn't give YOU any advice. Sorry...........avice.
  • 12-15-2003, 06:26 AM
    I just rewired for bi-amping, and ended up using 10/2 (w/ ground) Romex. It was 1/3 the cost of Home Depot's 12 Ga "speaker wire". In my application, it is run under the room (25 feet between amps and speakers). I have terminals at each end and use the 12 Ga "speaker wire" for final connections at the amps and speakers. Got it finished this weekend. Sounds sweet.