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    Bic America / Acoustech / Costco ???

    I Am Trying To Build A Very Good Budget Speaker System For 90% Home Theater. I Really Like The Looks Of A Brand Called Acoustech (they Look Like Klipsch Reference Knock Off's Only Better). Does Any One Have Any Experience With These?? I Am Also Considering The Bic America Dv64 Towers, Dv62si Surrounds And Dual Dv62clr-s For Front And Rear Center Speakers. If You Have Other Recommendations I Would Love To Hear Suggestions. I Have Also Read Great Things About Ascend Acoustics And Hsu Subs But These Would Require Significantly More Money. The Acoustech's Are Available For $700.00 For The 5.1 Set Up With Subwoofer At Costco And The Bic Setup With Bic 12" Subwoofer Would Run Around $950.00. I Definitely Need To Stay Under $1,000.00 For The Complete Set Up. Thanx For Any Help Or Suggestions.

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    There was a Giant thread on these speakers. Just do a search, quite a few memebers have the acoustech speakers.

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    I will start this out by saying that I like Definitive Technology products, and though I have auditioned a lot of other brands before I bought my speakers, I never really found anything that I like as much as them. That being said, since you seem to have an interest in HSU and SVS products, I tried to add one of them in the speaker system that I recommend.

    Hsu has a couple of subwoofers in the $300-$400 price range that seem to be capable performers. The STF-2 would probably be the one I would choose. It has a 10 in woofer and a mfr. rating of 25hz and 200watts. They also make an 8 inch (STF-1) for $100 less that still goes pretty deep. If you are using it in a smaller room I would think either sub would be more than enough. For the other speakers I would recommend satellites. DefTech's Promonitor 100s are $179 a piece (I got mine for $142/ea), the ProCenter100 is $199 (I got mine for around $160) and the Promonitor 80s are $112.50 a piece ( you should be able to pick them up for around $85/ea). If you like sticking with one brand, I was pleased with the performance of the ProSub 100TL, which retails for $449 (i got it for a little over $400). Before tax the HSU + DefTech system will run between ~$910 - ~$1010. An all DefTech system will be about $1000.

    Hope this helps and that you enjoy whatever you end up purchasing.
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