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    I hear you in the same wavelength!

    My opinion on these things is always the same, listen for yourself. You have little to loose and perhaps something to gain.[/QUOTE]

    I agree 100% not everything works for everyone and every person is a world. That is why since I was very young and my friends knowing me as an Audio enthusiast asked me what was the best equipment I always answered the one that fits your needs, taste and budget.
    My motto" A system in every room"

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    Suggestions appreciated.

    My setup

    B&K ref 30 Preamp
    B&K 7270 200X7 Multichannel amp
    Paradigm Sig S-4 Fronts
    Paradigm C3 Center
    Monitor 5 Rears.

    I have a 7 channel amp but will be using 5.1 setup. Can I Bi amp the Paradigm SIgnature S-4 with the remaining two channels. Has anybody done bi amping with the B&K amps.

    ANother questions is how do I bi amp. I have one set of Preamp inputs to the amps. WHere do I get the Y connectors so that I can split the preamp connections.


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    I contacted PSB one time regarding bi-wiring and the analysis they gave me is that it pretty much won't make a difference, but bi-amping would certainly improve in drastic ways, but usually it's hard to notice the biggest difference because it's an internal deal. In other words, it's hard to notice that your amps are not overloaded or working harder, which bi-amping helps alleviate and while the sound might not be totally different or better than what you expected it certainly helps in the long run with your amps.

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    Hi, please, the Denon 2807 suport RDS?

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