• 08-25-2019, 05:14 AM
    Klipsch RB 61 is a great choice considering price and the quality it delivers. The middle of the road option I enjoy. With this option you can keep good <a href="http://www.brainerdlakesareastorage.com">storage</a> options around them also for practicality.
  • 08-25-2019, 06:01 PM
    Old School

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    Putting together a best of bookshelf speakers under $1000 post and wonder what you all have to suggest as the best in that category.

    Maybe along with what style of equipment or music the speakers sound best with.


    I have been "collecting" stereos for more than 45 years. I started out with a Sansui 4 channel system. It was awesome. After not being able to acquire parts for the receiver and tape deck, I gave it up I still do have the speakers which are still pounding out the sounds. I have now moved on to Polk Audio for all of the speakers, but not the satelelite ones.
    RTi A1's
    and for the AV Receiver
    Onkyo TX-NR656
  • 11-10-2019, 01:55 PM
    If you are willing to go with a used pair, JBL Control Monitors have been the best that I've heard for well under $1000. They are definitely a tad large to be considered what many would call bookshelf. Nevertheless, they are my favorite thus far.