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    Question B&W Matrix Series?

    Currently looking for B&W speakers, but can only listen to the new Nuatilus series at the B&W dealer. But since there are quite some good deals on AudioGon for the matrix series, I am wondering if somebody that has experience with the Matrix series could tell me how do they sound compared to the Nautilus series? For example, how different is it to listen to a Matrix 803 and Nautilus 803 or Matrix 802/Nautilus 802. Thanks.

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    If you can find a good condition Matrix 800 and then go and buy it if its cheap. Far better than the new B&W stuff in my opinion.

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    The old Matrix line..

    Was good if not great stuff. It just had a a very low WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor). Very boxy, very ugly very 50's sci fi montsterish looking. Kinda like a Cyclops with that tweet housing on top BUT I'd buy a pair of Matrix 802's in a sec if I had the room for em.

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    I mean this one. Quite decent actually, definetly better than those new Nautilus series things...In my opinion

    Lots of music but not enough time for it all

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