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    Axiom m80 floorstander

    Has anyone heard the axiom flagship floorstander m80? It has a very attractive price at 1300 and has received some good reviews.

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    6 moons likes them, thats good enough for me.. I can't think of anything in that price range that can cover that frequency range and still sound good to the golden ear boys at 6moons.

    They offer a 30 day money back deal, and say on the website that it only costs 40 bucks to ship them back. Could be worth a trial listen at least.

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    I own the small Axiom M2i's and Axiom QS4's in custom finishes. I am very impressed with the speakers and the Axiom company, both are first class.

    Here is the review on the M80's by John Potis:


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