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    Audiovectors m3 super

    Hi guys, I'm sure this question has been asked many many times before but .... What is the preferred distance/position to place these floor standing speakers near a chimney breast?
    I currently live in a 30's semi which is much like a terraced house ie 15x12 with a chimney breast
    I'm running these speakers with a Roksan Caspain 2 amp and a Linn Sondek lp12 table


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    Unfortunately there wouldn't be a cut & dry answer, speaker placement is always something that takes a bit of experimenting.

    I'm not familiar with your speakers but I'd start with some general rules of thumb, a rear port will need to be out more from your back wall, opposed to a front port could get closer to the back wall. I'd try to place them as far away from the chimney as possible. Or, if having to place a speaker between the chimney and a side wall, I'd start with the speaker between the two.

    The LP-12 and Roksan sounds like a fun system.

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    I Agree with Peabody. Its going to depend on the size/shape of the fireplace and the speakers themselves. I too am in a similar situation as yourself as I have setup my two channel stereo in a room with a fireplace. Like you I've chosen to place the speakers on either side of the fireplace.

    My speakers are bottom bottom ported transmission lines so luckily I don't have to pull them out from the wall all that much. Luckily the actual chimney itself does not protrude out from the wall all that much so the speakers are easily further into the room than the chimney. The speakers are in line with the hearth which is far lower than the lowest driver in the speaker cabinet so I don't have to worry about soundwaves bouncing off it too much.

    I'll take a pic and to better show what I've explained. Sure it's not ideal but I'm pleased with the sound and aesthetically it works.

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