Audio Note pricing

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  • 06-05-2010, 02:56 PM
    Audio Note pricing
    So where do you get USA pricing on their speakers finished and shipped (not kits)? A confusing array of sites for this brand and none on point....
  • 06-05-2010, 03:58 PM
    Why not contact AN themselves?
  • 06-05-2010, 05:12 PM

    While there are speakers, (notably Audio Note J’s and E’s) that go lower and higher with more ease, and make a bigger and arguably more accurate impression, the 90 dB K’s have a special quality that larger, more effortlessly full-range speakers generally lack. Those who remember with fondness the KLH Six (compared with the Five and Twelve), the larger Advent, and the Celestion SL6 will know what I’m talking about. The K/SPe’s are better speakers than any of those classics; but they share their appeal, their ability to speak incisively and almost personally through the essential midrange, which, because of the K’s lighter low end, is where their balance is centered. They have an immediacy, a presence, exciting leading edge behavior, and tactile musical excitement, along with a beguiling hint of opacity (!), just as their predecessors had. The smaller Reynauds have some of this strange blend of tactile immediacy and opacity. The K’s have sealed cabinets, which clearly account for some of their sonic quality. The KLH, Advent, and Celestion were all sealed; the Reynauds (and Audio Note J’s and E’s) are ported. A substantial benefit of the K’s is that they perform superbly on the modest OTO integrated amp. Designed with smaller rooms in mind, they also sound excellent in my 18’ and 28’ living room. $3000
    The considerably larger, ported J’s are unquestionably "better" speakers than their little brothers, in the sense that they go lower with more authority, go higher with more ease – they are smoother and more open sounding; and they create a larger image. They have less ‘personality’ than the K’s (as KLH Fives and Twelves had less than the Sixes) because they make fewer compromises (cabinet size mainly, which means the smaller speakers have to work harder to cover the spectrum) – and it is compromises that bring personality to a speaker, for better and for worse. The J’s bass comes remarkably close to that of their big brother E’s. In small and large rooms alike, with their 93 dB sensitivity, they are quite happy on the OTO. Actually, the OTO/J-SPe combination is one of my most popular. $5000
    AN-E/SPe.The E was the first Audio Note speaker I heard and as much as I like the J and K, if you have the room for it, the E is the speaker to have. Its additional half-octave on the low end clarifies the low bass fairly dramatically. It also gives the impression of being more open and easeful from top to bottom, likely the result also of the clearer low end. The E’s like a bit of space, but seemed just fine in Peter Qvortrup’s approximately 12’ x 16’ study. Most folks put at least a Meishu or M3/P3 on E’s. They, see below. $6100
    AN-E/SPe HE. An AN-E/SPe with hemp High Efficiency woofers taking them to 98 dB! A great upgrade which makes possible use of ultra low powered 45 or 2A3 based amps. That said, the speed of the hemp woofers seems to make these E's demonstrably more exciting on the same amps you'd use with the standard E/SPe's. I have just gotten a pair in and they have already become my favorite Audio Note speaker. They strike me now as the sweet spot in the line. Not as absolutely resolving and refined as the more than two and three times as expensive E/SPe SE's and E/SPx SE's, but a bit sweeter and absolutely endearing. No wonder Art Dudley fell for them. $7600.
    AN-E/LX Signature. A copper wired AN-E with the High Efficiency woofers and external, separately boxed crossovers using solid copper wired inductors with Audio Note copper foil capacitors. Wired with Lexus cable. Excellent review of the E/LX Signatures by Art Dudley in Stereophile...written before he heard the E/Spe HE's... For those who love copper wired speakers or whose overly bright listening rooms require them, these are jewels. $15,500.
    AN-E/SPe SE and AN-E/SPx SE. With silver wired inductors in the external crossovers, these two beauties are the first of the upscale silver wired E models. More resolving and thus more articulate across their entire range, they can be stunning with the Level 4 electronics they invite. Audio Note afficionados will insist on this level of refinement. The rest of us will find great satisfaction with E/SPe HE's. ] $17,500 and $24,250
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    Thank you
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    Hey Tom just wanted to say welcome to the site. I see you're posting, i hope you stick around as we can always use new and fresh input here.
  • 06-06-2010, 10:09 AM
    If you have any questions on anything Audio Note you can go to the Audio Note Forum