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    Question Athena S.5 MKII + AS-F2 configuration

    Question to the experts:

    I am a happy owner of a Athena S.5 MKII HT in a 6.1 configuration (Onkyo HTR-510 6.1 6x100w). Recently, I heard the AS-F2 at BestBuy Audio Testing Room and really like its sound. At this point, I really really want to get the AS-F2 towers as I truly believe it will enhance dramatically my HT sound experience.

    Now, if I get the AS-F2 for the front speakers, what to do with the two remaining old Athena S.5 front satellite ones? I hate to keep them un-used on a garage shelf as these are great speakers as well. And I don't have the budget to upgrade my receiver to 7.1 or 8.1 yet.

    What are your recommendations?

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    I just purchased an Athena center channel and 2 asf2's. If you want to sell the S.5's I could be interested.

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