I got these almost on a whim because I had had DQ10s years ago, and these looked like a steal at around $275/pr IIRC when I got them four or five years ago. I "sniped" an eBay auction and actually, the guy selling them threw a very rude temper tantrum. I'd like to think because I got such a good deal, but may have been because he was just generally a jerk.

In any event, they are Canuck Dahlquists, not the real original ones, but they are very fine speakers. I find them broadly comparable in performance to the ubiquitous Klipsch RF-35. Believe these are a 2.5 way design. The build is very good. Appears to be a decent wood cabinet. Solid. Nice clarity and warmth. Well-suited to my NYC apartment. I have a sub and crossover these speakers before their bass is really tested, but their performance for what I ask of them is perfect.

I don't think I ever had the literature on them, and googling the model only brings one to the posts of a user on this forum who has a pair of them (and some creepy links pages).

Does anyone have the specs and so forth, or any thoughts? I suppose I could also contact dahlquist, as the Canadian reincarnation appears still to be making products.