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    Another speaker brand

    Since I'm a little thread happy. Have any of you had a chance to hear Cambridge Soundworks? Are they any good compared to the higher-end brands?

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    I've heard them and heard good things about them...

    I've heard Cambridge Soundworks speakers in various systems over the last couple of years. I find them to be marvelous budget and midfi speakers. I think they make a good remote controled sub that I would have tried had I not recently gone with the Hsu VTF-3. You could do a lot worse.

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    cambridge soundworks also makes good entry cdplayer/amplifier combinations...ofcourse you cant compare it to the NAD but pretty good. Somehow their amps have a very hyperactive protection circuitry or maybe they run out of current too often at higher volumes.

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    Great stuff for the $

    I bought my dad a CSW HT speaker system w/ dipole rears and personally have their table radio in my kitchen. From the standpoint of bang-for-buck, they are really tough to beat. CSW leans toward a warmer sound and aren't the last word in detail but you definitely get more than what you pay for. They were started by Henry Kloss (of AR, Advent, KLH, and acoustic suspension fame). While he has recently passed, his sound style is fairly prevalent in all of their products. Plus, they've got a terrific home audition policy and even pay for return shipping if you don't like 'em. How could you go wrong?

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