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    Another Canadian alternative for high end audio

    I was wondering who here had a chance to listen to any of Focus Audio products. From the dleaer locations specified in their home page, they seem very exclusive .

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    The Focus Audio FS-688, 788, and 888 are some of the best sounding speakers I've heard at ANY price point.
    I know they use quality Eton/Scan-Speak drivers, but there's something else at play there...I've demoed them in 3 locations now and these things have the deepest, most 3-D soundstage I've ever heard in a speaker. When I was in NH last year I spent a week close to a dealer and kept going back every evening because 1) it was a close walk from my Hotel, 2) I had to hear these things again.
    These are my absolute favorite speakers on the market today! I've heard more than a few 10K - 20K from just about any designer you can think of, and none ever impressed me as much as these. There's something very real sounding about these that really separates them from the pack IMO.

    I've heard the Classic series and the multi-channels as well...the Classics are more than competitive at their price point, and the multi seriew was pretty good too. They're a no-nonesense speaker company IMO. But unlike many companies who's strengths are in the lower priced models, I find Focus Audio gets better with the more expensive lines.

    I've been told their dealer list isn't up-to-date, and they have a few more dealers now...but I don't know for sure.

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