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    Acoustic Image speakers

    I got these speakers from the infamous white van in a parking lot. Just read the reviews. It was like that. Well I was of the ones that loves the speakers. They are great! Such powerful little buggers. Sound isn't bad either. Not bad highs and lows. I thought them to be a bit stronger than my CDM 1NTS. Anyone else have an experience? I have had them for about 10 years.

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    O yes man, I never got ripped off or have seen them but I see a lot of them on craigslist! I started seeing them on ebay too but they banned them which is a good thing!

    Here is the list of all the white van speakers and people experience with them:

    I had a pair of Omni and Dynalab or something like that and I didn't like them! The woofers are made very cheap and no quality whatsoever.

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