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    About Voice Matching?

    Concerning Voice Matching of speakers, I think I understand the idea of this but does it matter when it comes to the sub-woofer?

    Any ideas???

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    n/a to subwoofers.

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    The only time I'd want to match subwoofers is if I ran more than 1 sub at the same time. But as markw says, "voice-matching" doesn't really apply to subs when you're matching speakers to each other. The sub picks up where the other speakers trail off, so there isn't a large common band that they overlap...which means there's nothing to match to.

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    Ditto on the more than one sub part... and the rest too.

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    As others have said, the subwoofer does not require voice matching because it covers a completely different part of the frequency range than the other speakers do. The main issue with the subwoofer is how well it integrates with the main speakers, and the integration has little to do with the voice characteristics per se, but more to do with the crossover settings, the room acoustics, the placement, and the system calibration.

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    Well, speed matching is very important. At least to me, if you have a electrostatic or a planar magnetic speaker than you will have a very hard time looking for a subwoofer that can come close to the speed. You dont want a integration like the ML line ;-) If you have a regular cone driven speaker than you wont have this trouble.

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