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    What is the best way to browse for Phono Pre-Amplifiers.

    Hello to AR, Eric, and all the members. I really enjoy this site, and would like to say thanks you for keeping it functional for music lovers like us. All the priviledges AR give us have been tremendous to our audio and music related knoweldge.
    You guys have been adding new features and graphics constantly, so I imaging it's been pretty busy. I do have one question/suggestion.

    What is the best way to browse for Phono Pre-Amplifiers on our review section? Seems like the best way is to search thru pre-amp, and look under manufactures I know of. This works fine for me since I've searched alot under reviews. If there is a better way to do this, please let me know. To me it would make alot more sense and would be more efficient if we had a phono preamp section to search. I have no idea how you guys store and organize all the products, but would it be too complicated to locate all the phonopres from the database, and move them under the new category? Also this may help alot of us discovering products we are not aware of.

    Thanks again, and sorry for my crappy writing.


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    I agree, AR does need a phono stage topic for reviews. It's long over due. New interest in vinyl has been building for the past couple of years.

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