anyone thinking of purchasing any of sony/bmg's dual discs should beware, dual disc has a whole is great news for audiophile's it has cd compatible layer and it has a dvd audio layer, which means has the release literature puts it "superior sound" this may hold true for some releases, but sony releases have no such thing, they DO have a cd layer, but when you put in the dvd layer surprise...........nothing special!!!, a crappy sounding dolby digital 5.1 mix and (drum roll please) a 16 bit 48khz stereo mix!!!, which has most people already know is identical sounding to a cd recorded at 16 bits 44.1 khz!!!
or at the most slightly different sounding. its obvious that sony has lost confidence in sacd, but does that mean those of us with dvd-a capabilities have to get shafted??
i urge everyone not to buy into the crap that sony is releasing on this promising format, instead urge your local retailers to look into this for themselves or at least post sighnage stating the truth about these discs.