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    Angry SO STUPID IDEA - from to google after search

    People do something with it!
    It can't be, automatically jump me to Google, again and again. I don't understand why you are making such a trouble to us!!!! When I come back, I can't evet take a brathe.... again and again I am moving to google. Such a trick make me pissed of audio review and google as well !!!


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    Hi Labbe,

    I am in agreement with you, I don't think it is a great way to handle it. The idea is, if you can't what you're looking for with our regular search function, a google search of AudioREVIEW is done, to find things our search may have missed. But I am in agreement that it needs to be reworked, and I will look into it.


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    [Please do it. It is really frustrating. I am exploring many staffs, so I know what I am saying. When can you repair it? It is very easy to do, If you don't ha a silent agreement with google, but believe me it is very bad for google too!!!!!!

    thank you for your post

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