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    Quote Originally Posted by Florian
    Over the past years/month as a moderator and user I have seen many systems, some good, some very good, most bad and I find it harder and harder everyday to commit myself to moderate/write in an audio gallery/forum that is not about high-end but about hifi.

    I know i was definetly not always neutral or nice, but a lot depends on each other and this is stressing me endlessly. Members that have nothing better to do than envy people with high price tag systems will bring this forum down.
    It's probably for the best you quit. Moderaters should have a measure of maturity, which you seem to lack.

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    Hey, whatta Hell is going on here. All I said was that I like puppies. I like kittens too, but I prefer to eat ice cream.

    You have a perception problem.

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